Hydrographic surveys

Hydrographical Survey flood analysis.

River Surveys

Evolution Surveys has carried out many river surveys all over the United Kingdom for various clients. Surveys range from small 1 - 2 day sites to large scale surveys involving hundreds of cross-sections (open and structure sections) to aid modelling of the river channel for flood analysis or pre and post construction works.

Sonar Surveys

Evolution Surveys is experienced in undertaking sonar surveys of rivers; lakes and reservoirs throughout the United Kingdom. We can either carry out these surveys using remote controlled boats or using our multi-chambered inflatable boat powered by either  a four stoke engine or an electric engine for working on water supply reservoirs.

Flood Plain Surveys

Flood plain survey are needed to assess the risk of flooding over large areas. We have the ability to provide ground control for LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) using both traditional aircraft and UAV's. We also undertake check surveys on the LiDAR data to ensure the accuracy of the specification is meet.