Examples of some of our projects

Flood defences

Topographical (land) Survey

We undertake topographical surveys and checks on a large stretches of flood defences to aid design and construction of new updated flood prevention defences.  

Pumping station outfall

Topographical (land) and Hydrographic  Surveys

We undertook a topographical and bathymetric survey of the outfall, road and pumping station to aid the design and construction of an existing facility.

River cross sections

River Cross Sections

We undertake river surveys and produce a number of cross sections and a long section to show the profile of a river for flow modelling and flood prevention.

Threshold levelling

Threshold Levelling

We undertake threshold levels on properties to aid the identification of those being a risk of flooding.

Setting out roads and drainage

Setting Out

We undertake setting-out on construction site for domestic and commercial use.

Building elevations

Measured building surveys

We undertake building elevations to help with the redesign of a building.